Institutional Healthcare

We connect people to the world’s best health and wellness products.

For over 96 years EBOS Healthcare has been supplying Public and Private Hospitals, Day Surgeries, General Practice, Aged Care Facilities and Specialist Clinics with the best products from around the world.

As a single source supply business with distribution coverage across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, EBOS Healthcare is well positioned to service its customers for all their health and medical product requirements throughout Australasia.

At EBOS Healthcare we continuously explore and evaluate new solutions on behalf of our customers by collaborating with global manufacturers who are innovative and pioneer products that meet our customers’ needs and who share our values of Quality, Integrity and Trust.

With over 35,000 products, more than 1,000 global suppliers and offices in 10 locations across Australasia, the business is well placed to meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare environment.

By operating specialised business units within Primary Care, Hospital and Aged Care with dedicated sales, marketing and customer service teams for every channel, we are able to take an entrepreneurial approach to each area of supply. This allows us to customise our service to meet the expectations of each market segment and increase the value for our customers through tailored solutions.

With extensive market coverage through our specialised business divisions, we follow and support healthcare practitioners and patients at all stages of their lives. The scale and breadth of our business provides us the edge over others to offer Value and Variety without compromising on Quality.

And this is what truly makes us 'Essential to Health'.

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Symbion Hospital Services is a specialist wholesaler and distributor to more than 1300 Australian public and private hospitals, day surgeries, government and non-profit health agencies.

With over 12,000 products in its range, Symbion Hospital Services delivers vital products in full and on time, using the industry’s most user-friendly ordering and inventory management system.

Symbion Hospital Services acts as a key link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and the demands of the hospital market. Its powerful online business tools track orders and facilitate the receipt of products quickly and easily – streamlining operations for manufacturers and hospitals.

Symbion Hospital Services is an innovative hospital supply-chain provider and a trusted, quality-assured distributor and logistics partner to the Australian primary healthcare industry.

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In 1975, HPS Pharmacies was founded by a sole pharmacist who began by servicing a small 28-bed nursing home in South Australia.

Today, HPS and its network of HPS Approved Pharmacies has grown to employ over 600 staff and is one of Australia’s leading providers of pharmacy services to health facilities, with long-term relationships within private hospitalspublic hospitalscancer centrescorrectional facilities and veterinary clinics.

HPS is built on a strong foundation, with a vision to provide the highest quality of pharmacy care to clients, patients and the wider community.

Its network of HPS Approved Pharmacies has been involved in the provision of pharmaceuticals and clinical services to health facilities for over 40 years, offering a tailored and responsive approach to clients, which ultimately contributes to the delivery of individualised patient care.

Innovation is a guiding principle for HPS in improving patient outcomes and maximising cost efficiencies for clients. HPS has established regular innovation forums through which staff can explore opportunities for continual improvement, and proactively seek client’s input in this area.

HPS’ service features an underlying focus on innovative solutions to:

  • Increase medication safety;
  • Guarantee cost savings;
  • Improve the efficacy in taking medications; and
  • Increase the quality and value of pharmaceutical use.


Since the early 1990’s, Sentry Medical (Sentry) has served the needs of the healthcare sectors in Australia and New Zealand by providing high quality medical consumables that play an important role in the patient healing process.

Our international manufacturing and extensive R&D capabilities has led Sentry to the forefront of product innovation and design, offering and widespread catalogue of over 500 products, including first aid componentry, surgical apparel, sterilisation products, and acute and chronic wound care ranges.

Sentry Medical operates from a large distribution facility based in Australia, providing ample inventory capacity for the fast delivery of its products.



We are leaders in health communications, programs and consultancy. For nearly two decades, we’ve been leading the pack with our patient-centered approach to healthcare.

From day one, collaboration and partnership have been the key to our success. By working together with our clients, industry experts, innovators, EBOS businesses and the diverse range of talent within the Zest team, we have continued to reinvent what’s possible.

We form partnerships to advance health, improve patient experience and deliver real change with measurable results. We believe that together we can deliver a healthier Australia.



  • Advisory boards
  • Medical education
  • Disease awareness
  • Health promotion
  • Branding and identity
  • Graphic design and art direction
  • Print and digital solutions
  • Scientific and consumer writing
  • Journal articles and publication submission
  • Conference stands and meeting collateral
  • Multi-channel campaigns


  • Accredited continuing professional development
  • Clinical audits
  • Data and reporting
  • Medicine access programs and product familiarisation
  • Product and injection training
  • Pathology and gene testing
  • Sampling programs
  • Tailored patient support
  • Nurse, allied health and pharmacy services
  • Health and adverse event monitoring


  • HCP, patient, consumer and stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic insights and planning
  • Research and evidence reviews
  • Program and service evaluation
  • Models of care
  • Systems thinking, behaviour change and quality improvement
  • Health service development and organisational improvement

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For more than 20 years Onelink has partnered with public and private hospitals, delivering continuous value through its world-class healthcare supply chain solutions.

To deliver these high performing supply chain solutions to the hospital supply dock and beyond, Onelink utilises the best technology, systems and people. With the supply chain taken care of, healthcare professionals can better focus on patient care.

Onelink’s customer focussed solution consolidates thousands of medical and pharmaceutical suppliers and products into a single, electronically enabled pipeline. Whether it’s delivering large scale replenishment orders into a hospital theatre store, pharmacy or ward - or supplying medical consumables to an individual patient in the community – Onelink’s systems enhance the quality and reliability of the service whilst reducing the cost to serve.

In New Zealand, with operations throughout the country, Onelink is the only national provider focused entirely on the hospital and health sector supply chain.

Onelink Australia’s leading edge facility in Western Sydney provides warehousing and distribution services for NSW Health, delivering medical supplies to hospitals and health services across the state.

Delivering healthcare in the future will require ongoing innovation, collaboration, investment and commitment, from all aspects of the health continuum. Onelink is dedicated to evolving health supply chains to deliver the dependability, quality and value required to meet those challenges.

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With more than 20 years’ experience LMT have built a strong presence in Australia and New Zealand providing products and services to the Orthopaedic, Spine, Neuro, ENT, Plastics and most recently the Sports Medicine community.

The business has developed a niche in bringing innovative specialty products, produced by original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), into Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

LMT are proud to offer a product portfolio which covers most pathologies and philosophies required by these medical practitioners.

The business takes pride in partnering with healthcare professionals, throughout their careers, to achieve the best outcomes for clinicians and their patients.

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Cryomed Aesthetics is a leading provider of aesthetic healthcare devices, medical-grade cosmeceuticals and injectables across Australia and New Zealand with more than 1000 capital aesthetic medical device installs that's increasing weekly.

With exclusive production and distribution of quality equipment and products, Cryomed Aesthetics provides a gold-standard in customer support through clinical education and training, paired with affordable and speedy support.

Based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne and Auckland, the success and strength of Cryomed Aesthetics is derived from being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We have vast experience in the medical, cosmetic and aesthetic field, also as a significant technology partner with many of Australia and New Zealand's most successful medical and aesthetic clinic's operations. We understand the needs of small, medium and large business owners in today's competitive market place.

Our hands-on experience enables us to offer our current portfolio with total confidence and the knowledge that they have been tried and tested and producing real results with a good return on investment.


Our quest for new and innovative products has allowed us to work with the Australia and New Zealand medical community to establish new technology.

With origins dating back to 1964 in surgical device supply MD Solutions plays an important role in introducing high quality surgical devices to Australasian surgeons and hospitals.

Our passion for finding solutions and refusing the status quo of accepted outcomes has enabled us to work closely with the ANZ medical community to bring new and novel medical devices to Australia and New Zealand.

At MDS we know the key to establishing new products is improved patient outcomes. With our medical and regulatory partners, we have successfully launched several new technologies from trial stage to the Gold Standard including The EMS Lithoclast, the Gyrus BiPolar system, SpaceOAR prostate-rectum spacing and more.

As longstanding suppliers to the Australasian medical community, we understand that service is our greatest asset. Routinely going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction and the best patient outcomes is MD Solutions cornerstone from which everything else is built upon.

With a look to the future MD Solutions is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the medical community and the economic burden of medical devices.

With an eye on bio-friendly products to help the planet and economically sound products to reduce rather than increase hospital budgets, MD Solutions is at the dawn of a new style of medical business focused on mutually beneficially solutions.


Pioneer Medical Group is a private medical device group, which supplies and supports; innovative, safe and efficient solutions to Orthopaedic and Neuro Surgeons, operating room teams, and patients across New Zealand.

Everything we do is about our customers, so all our values are aligned with this philosophy and absolute focus.

We started Pioneer Medical in April 2015 to make a difference. We wanted to make a difference by going back to basics of focusing on our Surgeons, Nurses and Hospitals teams and putting them first.

In essence we started this company to serve our customers, so they could treat patients better. Four years down the track and this philosophy is working well. We embrace this more than ever before. It is our compass.