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Symbion is a national wholesaler of healthcare services and products with over 3,800 retail pharmacy customers and 1,800 hospital customers across Australia.

Its beginnings can be traced back 177 years, to when Francis Hardy Faulding opened his first pharmacy in Adelaide in 1845. Since this time, Symbion has grown to become an integral part of the Australian healthcare system.

The company has 11 warehouses located around Australia which coordinate daily deliveries and houses over 16,500 product lines from more than 800 manufacturing partners.

Dedicated to the long-term success of Australian pharmacy, Symbion also offers retail support to major groups and brands, and to independent pharmacies through the Pharmacy Choice program. It further supports community pharmacies through its healthSAVE banner – a cost effective solution for those looking for help to drive their retail business.

As a market-leading business, Symbion is committed to investing in the world’s best technologies, to increase efficiency for its customers and respond to the future demands of Australia’s healthcare landscape.

Our shared values guide us and the decisions we make every day.

We seek to:

  • Be customer-driven;
  • Grow stronger together;
  • Be brave and innovate;
  • Do it with care; and
  • Strive for excellence.

Symbion is a signatory to the Australian Government’s Community Service Obligation.

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Symbion History


Symbion joins EBOS. Together, Symbion and EBOS form the largest diversified Australasian marketer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products.


Symbion acquires Lyppard Australia Pty Ltd, a leading national veterinary wholesaler.


Faulding is relaunched. A newly formed Symbion Consumer Products business – now with hundreds of directly sourced over-the-counter products – proudly relaunches its Faulding brand.


Symbion Pharmacy Services exceeds $3 billion in sales with one of the country’s largest networks of warehousing systems and services.


Zuellig Group takes control. With a strong history in pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution, Hong Kong based Zuellig Group takes over Symbion.


The most comprehensive retail program for independent pharmacy, Pharmacy Choice®, is launched to market.


Symbion is born. Mayne Pharmacy Services demerges to become Mayne Pharma and Symbion Pharmacy Services.


Bought out by Mayne Group Ltd, Faulding changes its name to Mayne Pharmacy Services.


The Management INFOrmation System, known as Minfos®, is acquired, helping improve efficiency and profitability for Australian pharmacies.


Faulding Retail brings a state-based co-operative known as Chemmart® Pharmacy together, launching it as a national brand in the Australian market.


Faulding tips $1 billion in sales on its 148th anniversary.


Faulding becomes a truly national company, with operations opening up in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.


Strength through division. The Faulding Division, Service Wholesaling Division and Specialist Division are established to improve the brand's offering to customers.


Following the Annual General Meeting, Sir Donald Bradman becomes the second outsider to take a seat on the Board.


F H Faulding & Co Limited becomes a public company, with shares quickly rising in value.


Bound for Melbourne. Faulding begins operations in Exhibition Street, eventually adding wholesale activities.


Heading north. Guided by its Sydney office, Faulding opens a branch warehouse in Brisbane.


Determined to expand, Faulding sets up a distribution point for its products in Sydney.


Conquering the west. Faulding engages Walter Wesley Garner to oversee the Western Australian operations and establish the first warehouse.


Francis Hardy Faulding dies, aged 52, at his suburban Glen Osmond home in Adelaide.


F H Faulding is established. Francis Hardy Faulding opens his first pharmacy at 5 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

Endeavour Consumer Health is a trans-Tasman business dedicated to providing pharmacies and consumers with affordable, high-quality brands and products.

The business was formed in 2014 from the amalgamation of Symbion Consumer Products in Australia and the consumer division of EBOS Healthcare in New Zealand and Australia.

Endeavour Consumer Health is responsible for marketing and selling respected brands including Pharmacy Choice® brand medicines, Faulding, Allersearch, Red Seal, Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme, Floradix, Gran's Remedy and more.

By working with leading manufacturers in TGA approved facilities, Endeavour Consumer Health is always thinking about what’s next, ensuring there's a pipeline of low cost, high quality non-prescription medicines and products.

With the backing of EBOS Group - the leading diversified marketer, wholesalers and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products in Australasia - Endeavour Consumer Health continually strives to find solutions that will help its pharmacy customers prosper and improve the quality of life of consumers.

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Since its beginnings as H.F. Stevens in Christchurch in 1886, ProPharma has been a leading specialist in health logistics and a valuable contributor to the healthcare industry.

Today, ProPharma is the largest and only national pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicine wholesaler in New Zealand, with eight branch warehouses strategically located across the country. It provides support and service to pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics, ensuring products are always available when they’re needed, no matter where that may be.

ProPharma’s drive for efficiency is backed up by sophisticated IT and logistics systems to ensure predictable and consistent delivery, renowned customer service and the “Can do, Will do” attitude of the ProPharma team.

ProPharma – supporting New Zealand healthcare, every day, every way.

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DoseAid is committed to providing pharmacies and their customers with simple, safe and convenient medication management solutions.

By outsourcing their Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) to DoseAid, pharmacies can tap into a fast-growing market for medication compliance products and services while saving valuable time and labour expenses.

DoseAid’s award-winning, transportable sachets, which help customers take the right medicines at the right time, are packed at DoseAid’s TGA licensed facility. DoseAid uses cutting-edge packing and checking technology to ensure the highest standards of accuracy.

With DoseAid, pharmacies can help their customers while helping their business.

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Minfos provides pharmacy management software and full-service support to approximately 1000 pharmacies across Australia.

Our dispense, point-of-sale and retail management functions – all of which share one extensive database – ensure unmatched business visibility and reporting in a single, easy-to-use software package. 

Community pharmacies have seen major changes in recent years and there are still many more to come. At Minfos, we're passionate about helping pharmacies achieve the perfect balance between ethical and retail, which is what they will need to prosper in the years ahead.

Most of all, we're always there for our pharmacies.

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Founded in 1923, Red Seal is a leading New Zealand natural health products brand, and today is a key part of Endeavour Consumer Health.

The company is best known for its comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and supplements, herbal and fruit teas, natural toothpastes and functional foods including molasses and manuka honey.

Red Seal uses scientific research & development together with naturopathic knowledge to provide their customers with the products they can rely on for quality and performance.

Red Seal proudly adheres to a brand ethos of best quality products at best possible prices – making good health affordable and accessible to help consumers live their best life.

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Ventura Health was launched in 2014 and was at the time, the first non-wholesaler, multi-brand, retail pharmacy group and was created after an amalgamation of three competing retail pharmacy brands.

Ventura Health currently owns six retail brands comprising Cincotta Discount Chemist, Mega Save Chemist, YouSave Chemist, Max Value Pharmacy, BetterBuy Pharmacy and MyMedical Pharmacy. Our goal is to grow our franchise group by creating the best possible resource centre for our brands to service our franchise partners within these banners. Since our formation, we have grown to over 80 stores located across the eastern states of Australia.

In 2018, EBOS group acquired Ventura Health and the retail brands owned by Ventura Health.

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TerryWhite Chemmart is one of Australia’s leading retail pharmacy networks delivering frontline healthcare. With more than 500 community pharmacies across Australia, TerryWhite Chemmart are committed to ensuring every Australian has easier access to pharmacists and expert health advice every day. TerryWhite Chemmart provides high-quality, accessible and cost-effective community based health care services and programs.

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At Pharmacy Choice®, we support independent pharmacies desire to be their own brand.

We are currently helping more than 800 members Australia-wide to take the next step in pharmacy retailing, delivering added value to their business and driving increases in profitability.

Pharmacy Choice® is a five step integrated retail program for independent pharmacies, which allows pharmacy owners to participate at a level that suits their changing business needs.

We are building healthier pharmacies through our targeted and flexible retail program:

  • Buying Power: Master purchasing habits and improve your bottom line
  • Category Management: Planograms and heat mapping
  • Multi-channel Marketing: Catalogues, LAM, Digital, Social
  • Training: on-line tools, workshops, networking
  • Operations: Store performance and benchmarking

With over 800 members, a proven track record and backed by Australia’s premier wholesaler, Symbion®, Pharmacy Choice® really is the leading program of its type in Australia.

Pharmacy Choice® exists so independent pharmacies can become the trusted health destination in your local community.

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healthSAVE® is a cost-effective community pharmacy banner, which helps members drive their retail businesses.

The rapidly expanding banner group, which has over 70 stores nationally, offers members a comprehensive solution which enables them to retain a community health service focus while responding to the ever-changing retail pharmacy market.

healthSAVE® delivers outstanding service and value, equipping its pharmacies with the tools they need to provide customers with ‘Quality care for less’.

The brand’s offering includes:

  • Complete branding and signage solutions
  • Group buying power and access to over 5000 lines from 100 suppliers, private label products and generic medicines
  • Marketing and promotions, including point of sale and 12 catalogue promotions per year
  • Comprehensive ticketing program
  • Individual store layouts and planograms to increase space in professional categories
  • healthSAVE rewards membership
  • Reporting, StoreIQ and store performance benchmarking

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Pharmacy Wholesalers Russells, also known as PWR, is a standalone wholesaler which services 150 loyal pharmacy customers in the upper half of the North Island, New Zealand.

The PWR team prides itself on its high service standards, efficiency and reputation in the New Zealand wholesale market. The only wholesaler in the country to operate a dedicated courier service for pharmacies in Auckland, its customers enjoy unparalleled delivery service standards.

PWR also assists its customers with managing changes in the pharmacy industry, provides them with regular industry updates and offers a free brokerage service.

Located in West Auckland, PWR has been supporting pharmacies for more than 50 years.

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Intellipharm is the peak pharmacy industry supplier for data, loyalty and business intelligence. With more than 15 years’ experience in loyalty, generics and compliance reporting, business intelligence and store software services, Intellipharm is the trusted data solution provider in Australian pharmacy.

Intellipharm customers – including pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers, brands, groups, wholesalers, individual stores and sales representatives – have come to expect constant innovation and the delivery of fast, accurate and powerful information on demand.

Using web and mobile based systems, Intellipharm transforms data into powerful and customised insights that can be easily actioned by individuals to improve the profitability of their businesses.

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In 2014 EBOS Group attained a 25% share of the Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse (GPPW) brand.

GPPW is a successful discount format brand in the Australian pharmacy market. 

The GPPW “Healthy Savings Everyday” and “Lowest Price Guarantee” give customers peace of mind that they are getting the best value for their money.

GPPW has been, and will continue to be, one of the fastest growing pharmacy brands in Australia. It is constantly evolving to find better ways of delivering health products and services to its customers.

GPPW stores are located in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

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